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The first book of the Nightfall Series

For years, they have worked in secret, patiently waiting in the shadows… Now, they have decided to begin the next phase of their plan - a plan that threatens the very nature of human kind.


Caleb, a US Marine on leave, is staying with his long-time partner, Darcy. One morning, Darcy receives an email from one of her colleagues. Caleb sees something embedded in the attachments – a file that he recognises from one of his missions. With his work in the military, discovery of the program can only mean one thing – that he and Darcy are in danger.


Now that his working and personal lives have overlapped, Caleb must rely on all his training and instincts if he is to keep himself and Darcy alive… 

See you in the next life

Resurgence ebook Cover.jpg

The next life just got closer…


They have been infiltrated for the first time, and with their terrifying plan so close to be realised, they will stop at nothing to keep their secret.


Following immediately after the events of Nightfall, Darcy and the others must do everything they can to stop what they learned at Haven. They are stranded on the other side of the world, on the run and can trust no one but themselves.


Back in the States, a private investigator is working on a missing person case – a teenage runaway. Shaken by the recent attacks in Seattle and Europe, she waits in her apartment, desperate for distraction.


Little does she know that her next phone call will bring her right into the heart of the action.


Resurgence continues the fight for our future.

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